Thank you

Festival season done! Massive thank you to all who watched, sung along, shook my hand, said incredible things, lifted my amp, took great photos, gave me booze, and made this summer unforgettable. x


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So much pressure on the modern musician. To vie for your attention and to connect. To be in all places, and to be looking for places that don’t yet exist.

It does beg the question, which one of these social media sites will go first? Who will face a similar fate to MySpace? Who knows? For now, I’m going to sign up to all of them.

Please click the button below to follow me on Instagram, where I’ll be posting up photos directly from the many festival stages this summer.


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Confirmed for Nozstock and Rock The Farm

Another two festivals in the diary. Oh yeah! It’s gonna be a summer of portaloos, mud, unpredictable weather and staying up past my bedtime.

First up is Nozstock in Bromyard, Herefordshire on 1-3 Aug. Currently headlined by the awesome Roots Manuva and Fun Loving Criminals. I’ll be taking to the bandstand at 5pm on the Saturday.

Later in the month (30-31 Aug) I’ll be playing Rock The Farm at the Chase Distillery in Hereford. Their line-up is still to be fully confirmed, but Huw Stephens and The Cuban Brothers are already on the bill.

More info on Nozstock below…

A festival built from a curious amalgamation of performance, art, electronic supersounds and good old-fashioned guitar-strumming and drum-bashing.

NozStock Line-Up

More info on Rock the Farm below…

Rock the Farm, the boutique festival from Chase Distillery is this year on August 30th to 31st, for the first time, opening to the public. Now in its third year, RTF is situated in the picturesque Chase Distillery grounds and surrounding Rosemaund farm.

Jefferson Duke confirmed for Beacon Festival

Another festival confirmed.  This time a boutique family event celebrating the longest day of summer high up on The Chiltern Hills of South Oxfordshire. It may be the furthest point from the sea but there will be a hot, holiday feel to this event, sparking the epitome of summer with a weekend of enlightened entertainment and the best sunset for miles!  More info and tickets here.

Jefferson Duke set time TBC.

Beacon Festival

Beacon Festival

Jefferson Duke confirmed for Glass Butter Beach

Glass Butter Beach

So it’s cold and rainy. Towns are flooding. People are staying in.

But that won’t last forever…

Soon the warm summer sun will be out, beaches will spring alive, there will be music and dancing, surfing, wake-boarding and volley ball…and I will be there with my guitar playing to thousands of festival go’ers.

This is set to be a truly awesome event. If you’ve not heard of Glass Butter Beach before, check it out here.

Jefferson Duke will be playing on Sat 16th August on the Main Stage.


Valentines ’94

Valentines Day 1994 (aged 13). I ride my bicycle to Louise Geary’s house to deliver her a box of Milk Tray, despite having an ear infection. Her father, a robust gentleman, opened the door. ‘Hello, is Louise in?’ I said nervously. ‘What’s the time?’ he replied. Even though this was an odd question to ask, I looked down at my digital Casio watch and informed him of the time. He looked confused. ‘What’s the time?’ he repeated. I gave him the time again, a little less confident than before. Mr Geary sighed. ‘What’s the time?’. I was confused and could only reply with ‘What?’. He leaned towards me and raised his voice. ‘I said, what’s your name?’. At that point I realised the ear infection had got the better of me. The Milk Tray was received with adolescent awkwardness, and Louise never went out with me.