Valentines ’94

Valentines Day 1994 (aged 13). I ride my bicycle to Louise Geary’s house to deliver her a box of Milk Tray, despite having an ear infection. Her father, a robust gentleman, opened the door. ‘Hello, is Louise in?’ I said nervously. ‘What’s the time?’ he replied. Even though this was an odd question to ask, I looked down at my digital Casio watch and informed him of the time. He looked confused. ‘What’s the time?’ he repeated. I gave him the time again, a little less confident than before. Mr Geary sighed. ‘What’s the time?’. I was confused and could only reply with ‘What?’. He leaned towards me and raised his voice. ‘I said, what’s your name?’. At that point I realised the ear infection had got the better of me. The Milk Tray was received with adolescent awkwardness, and Louise never went out with me.

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